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  • Ray St-Amour

Two things I learned in Cuba

I hadn’t travelled in Cuba for a few years. Last week we stayed at a wonderful all inclusive resort and it was a delightful experience. I came back refreshed with some insight. Here is what I learned :

  1. You can live without the internet: you could buy some wifi at the resort but the connection I was told was very slow and some days non existent. I purposefully decided not to look for a data plan in Canada before leaving and to stay unplugged. It was very liberating to not be “plugged in” and to be able to really relax. There was no checking of Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. My electronics were for reading my downloaded magazines and books. My kindle for the poolside and the beach and my iPad for the room. My iPhone was to listen to my music. There was no social media and no texting. I relaxed in a way that has become foreign to me.

  2. Happiness is a state if mind: The Cubans don’t have a lot of material things but they are happy. It got me thinking about our commercialized North American ways where we equate money and possessions with happiness. The staff was always courteous and they were showing signs of happiness daily; from singing with the radio, great smiles, helping us when ever they could, chatting with us, and all this in a genuine way. They worked long hours, from dawn to late evening. They have no employment standards act like we do. Yet they never complained or showed signs of discontent. I know people may think it’s because they are in the hospitality business and are working for tips. But really, do you find this all the time in your town or city? My answer is no.

So now I have been back for a week. My busy world has made the time fly by. I fondly remember the numerous daily talks that I was able to have with my partner in my unplugged relaxed mode, the books read by the pool, and the sunrises seen from our balcony. And I try to take deep breaths and remember the relaxed mode of the Cuban way, looking deep inside for my happiness.

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