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  • Ray St-Amour

How are you spending holiday time with your family?

family cooking together

As the first long weekend of the summer presents itself I can’t help but think of the various ways people are spending this time. Some will try to fit in as much as they can in this 3 day weekend, finishing yard projects or home renovations. Some will take the opportunity to get away whether it is camping, the cottage or a holiday. Some will treat it as a regular but extra long weekend.

Which ever way you decided to spend it, what were your interactions with your loved ones? Did you spend time together, did you phone each other, or connect by some other means? Time goes by so quickly. In our busy world, it is easy to forget to connect, thinking that there will be time at a later date.

At the end of the holiday weekend, what do you want to have accomplished? Jobs done or quality time with loved ones? If you are clever you will say both! Accomplishing tasks together as a couple or a family is a bonding activity. One to be remembered in the future as: “ remember the holiday when we tackled the….” And new stories and traditions can be created from these moments. New traditions do not have to be difficult to create. They can come on the spur of the moment over a campfire, while fishing one morning, at breakfast or brunch, with the whole family present at the table. If you are not sure what new traditions to create, just ask your family members. I am sure they will have an array of suggestions for you.

So what are you planning to accomplish in this summer’s long weekends? Projects ? Memories and bonding moments? Or both? Whatever you decide you will have thought it over beforehand and put a plan in place to provide some nurturing, some belly laughs as well as some projects. What is the most important is to create some new memories with your loved ones.

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