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  • Ray St-Amour

Celebrating Milestones

Last weekend while at the cottage, our grand-son, at the tender age of five, learned to fish. On the first day he caught some very tiny fish but in the second day he caught a 12 inch bass. He was so proud and we celebrated his catch by praising him and taking his picture with the fish. We were all there for the event: his parents and his 2 year old little sister, his aunts, uncles, cousin and grandparents. He was just beaming. This was a milestone that we celebrated, a milestone that he will never forget, a milestone immortalized by all family members on social media.

All families have milestones that they celebrate. Some are universal such as baby’s first step, first words, first day of school. When they are older it’s getting their G1 and eventually their full driver’s license, going to college or university, getting engaged, getting married. There are also religious milestones. Being raised Catholic, there was baptismal, first communion and first confession, all that were celebrated by my extended family around food and beverages. Every religion has their own milestones that celebrate their specific milestones.

Some milestones are unique to your family. With our children, one milestone that we celebrated in a small way was the first time one of our children emptied the kitchen small garbage can without being told. I still remember when our youngest child achieved that milestone. My spouse and I checked with each other: “ did you empty the garbage?” “No, did you?” When our youngest sheepishly said that she did we rejoiced and praised her. I went looking to see if I had a sweet treat to give her for positive reinforcement. We told our family and friend at any occasion soon after. She felt proud and we were proud of her.

How does your family celebrate milestones? Do you have some unique milestones that your family honours? This would be a great conversation to have with your family the next time you are all together. Some old forgotten memories might just get revived. These milestones that your family celebrates helps keep the family stronger and more united. It helps the family stay healthy. They are food for the soul.

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